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Who do we treat?....

From 4 years old

Marble Surface


We provide ear wax removal to children above the age of 4 years old,
including neuro-diverse children .
Consent from a caregiver is required for clients under 18 years old.
We have longterm experience in paediatrics, treating them with utmost care and friendliness.
Removal of foreign bodies from the ear can be performed within safety remits.
The ear is an intricate sensory organ, and every part plays a role in a child's wellbeing. The ears, specifically, are vital for maintaining balance, coordination, and focus. The accumulation of earwax, debris, or blockages can interfere with these functions, leading to compromised academic performance, mood, behaviour and interaction with the world.

We treat all adults, including neurodiverse
The accumulation of earwax, debris, or blockages can interfere with activities of daily living, affect mood and connection to the world, impact on your work day and, compromise on communication with others. 

Marble Surface


Marble Surface

e.g. Musicians, DJ's, Sportsman, Celebrities, Politicians, Public Figures, Influencers, etc.

We are proud to host clientele who require utmost confidentiality and privacy.
Accumulated earwax and debris can create discomfort or even mild pain, leading to distraction and decreased concentration. By removing such impediments, specialist ear cleaning can help by enabling individuals to focus on their performance again.

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