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Ear and Hearing

Care Advice

The patient will receive professional and bespoke advice about their ears and hearing from a holistic perspective.

Aspects considered are the patient's health and well-being, family networks and can include advice about:

  • Hearing care, treatment & protection

  • Hearing aids

  • Aural rehabilitation

  • Tinnitus



Attempting to remove impacted wax yourself is RISKY!

You risk damaging the structures of the outer and/or middle ear, or you may be unaware of a potential ear pathology which requires intervention. Therefore consulting with the ear care specialist i.e. audiologist or E.N.T. is recommended. There are many tools advertised on the market which offer quick fixes, examples of these should be AVOIDED:

  • Ear cotton buds/ cue tips

  • Ear syringes/screws

  • Ear candles

  • Self-help tools


Ear Wax Removal:


The newly developed micro-suction procedure is a safe, painless, and effective way to remove wax from the external ear canal. A small tube is placed near the entrance of the ear canal, which uses a low-pressure air system to gently extract wax from the ear canal. The results are immediate.

MS machine pic.jpg

Ear Wax Removal:

Manual tools

Manual removal of wax from the ear may also be used to assist the process. This employs an array of ear tools designed to gently remove wax, with no discomfort.


Ear Wax Removal:

Irrigation Procedure

A gentle irrigation method may be instated should the audiologist deem it a necessary method for successful wax removal. Ear irrigation uses a gentle 4-point warm water spray to dislodge wax.

irrigation pic.jpg

Onward Medical Referral

If necessary, the audiologist will recommend an onward medical referral; for example to the Ear Nose and Throat (E.N.T)

specilaist, G.P,  or dentist. This ensures multi-disciplinary management in the patient's best interest.

Magnifying Glass



Initial Consultation:


Ear Wax Removal:

1 Ear: £50

2 Ears: £70


- consult

- procedure

- professional audiologist advise

- home visit call out fee dependent on distance

Custom-made Ear Plugs starting from:


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